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The Manufacturing Show

Aug 4, 2020

It’s pretty obvious 2020 has changed the world. 

COVID-19 exposed weaknesses we didn’t know we had…

Especially when it comes to supply chains.

Our guest today is Gregory Paulsen, Director of Application Engineering at Xometry, a company that may help change how we look at supply chains. 

Xometry is a...

Jul 21, 2020

In the current climate, we all need digital success.

And a lot goes into achieving it.

You need to understand the buyer journey, provide great customer experience and have unparalleled employee engagement.

But it all starts with alignment — with the market, within your organization, with your teams and with your...

Jul 16, 2020

The ease-of-use of new technology is great for the metals industry but can be detrimental at the same time.

Positive material identification (PMI) techniques like handheld XRF, handheld LIBS, and laser OES have become so convenient that they’re being misused.

In this #MastersofPMI episode, Chris shares:

  • The current...

Jul 2, 2020

When it’s because of Iron Man, it’s awesome.

Buildings coming down in fiery explosions!

Ok, but no one’s popping popcorn over the catastrophes that occur when PMV isn’t being practiced (unless you’re a horrible person).

That’s why we have Recommended Practice 578. It’s designed specifically to prevent the...

Jun 30, 2020

In 2014, the average company had six competitors. In 2019, the average company had 54 competitors. (HubSpot)

Maybe your product or service has really cool features. But if you’re not prioritizing great customer experience, the rest isn’t going to matter.

HubSpot and Inbound guru, Dan Tyre, shares how to create a...