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The Manufacturing Show

Mar 25, 2020

When the panic-buying started for the coronavirus that’s now touched so many areas of everyday life, toilet paper was the first item to disappear off the shelves.

Whether you find this odd or you’re someone building a TP fort at home with your hoard, it’s absence can spark worries about supply chains in these uncertain times. 

When it comes to manufacturing, the concern is just as real — but a lot of it started before the current crisis even began. 

I caught up with Oliver Knack, CEO of Asia Quality Focus, a leading quality control service provider for global brands. 

He shared with me the many challenges companies face when reevaluating their supply chains and sources in uncertain times.

What we talked about:

  • The current situation in China
  • The trade war and tariffs
  • Why moving manufacturing operations away from China is easier said than done

This #Growth episode is hosted by Todd Hockenberry, Consultant, Advisor, & Coach for industrial manufacturing companies at Top Line Results.

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